Reform The Healthcare System

Like most of us, I believe that healthcare should be a basic human right. But the fact of the matter is that today, our system is plagued with corruption and people are simply not getting the support they need.

Drastically Reduce Drug Prices For Everyone

It’s time we allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices on behalf of Americans everywhere. The data is clear: such a policy would cut drug prices by up to 75% and reduce federal spending by nearly half a trillion. 

Encourage Doctors to Practice in Rural Areas

Since 1965, the government has funded community health centers (CHCs) to provide primary care services to underserved populations across the country, it’s time we double down on that commitment.

Mental Health Support For All

All people with mental health conditions deserve accessible, affordable, and comprehensive health care. This begins with expanding Medicaid to reimburse evidence-based mental health treatments at their true cost.

Polices I’ll Fight For

Revive Our Economy

COVID-19 fundamentally impacted the daily lives and financial security of Georgians who were already struggling to get by. And although progress has been made, many right here in District 6 have been left behind. It’s time to make this economy work for everyone–prosperity is possible.

21st Century Infrastructure For Everyone
It’s time to reinvest in America’s workers. I’ll fight for Green Infrastructure, rural broadband, and 21st-century technologies to be made available to everyone in GA’s 6th.
Fight Rising Inflation

I propose that we make immediate investments into local, family farms in an attempt to slash absurd food prices. Simultaneously, we must strengthen our global supply chains to get American goods out to the world. Implementation of these policies will lead to reasonably-priced groceries and gas.

Reinvest In Communities

The pandemic didn’t just fracture our economy–it also fractured our communities. And although we’ve made strides to come back together, there’s still so much more for us to do. It’s time we stand up and take bold measures to invest in our communities now.

Bipartisan Gun-Safety Legislation

While I do not believe in taking away people’s guns, I do believe that there are real, bipartisan steps we can take to protect our communities. That includes raising the age for long rifles to match that of handguns to 21 years old and implementing Universal Background Checks for all new purchases.

Revitalize Veteran Support

When I transitioned to civilian life from my decade of military service, it felt as though I was 18 again and starting from scratch. Our veterans should be thanked for their service and there are three things I believe we can and should do for our veterans immediately: I support improving Vocational Readiness and Employment (VR&E) services, PTSD care, and support for rural veterans.

Rebuilding Trust In Law Enforcement

We must begin creating national standards for training and de-escalation while simultaneously reforming qualified immunity to hold officers accountable. While every community is unique, shared models of what works will be critical going forward. I propose we open-source all progress for people and communities across the country to see and learn from.


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