Bob’s Extremist Opponent, Dr. Rich McCormick

I want to start by saying this about my Republican opponent, Dr. Rich McCormick, I truly appreciate and respect his service to our nation in the US Marines and the US Navy. I also respect his service to the Gwinnett County community as an emergency room doctor. Both of these admirable career paths are stand alone accomplishments, worthy of everyone’s appreciation and respect, including my own.

One can also strongly and passionately disagree with someone they respect, because I absolutely, completely disagree with McCormick on a wide range of important, deeply-personal, life-altering issues facing Georgians right now. Being that McCormick hasn’t held elected office before (in full disclosure, nor have I, we’re both US Veterans and the proverbial “political outsiders”), we simply don’t know much about his political positions other than that he is a hyper-conservative Republican to the point of political extremism.

McCormick on Masks. We know from his website as of 8/22, that McCormick has some sort of a personal crusade against wearing masks. He seems to be under the impression there are still mask mandates going on here in Georgia, or maybe somewhere else, and he is still fighting against them. It seems his outrage over “mask mandates” is re-cycled from his 2020 campaign where he lost to Democrat, Carolyn Bourdeaux. Moreover, to my knowledge only hospitals and other medical facilities still have mask mandates, also for visitors to most elder care facilities which makes good sense to protect our elderly. Surely as a doctor, McCormick is very well aware of the efficacy and importance of wearing masks to prevent the transmission of germs and viruses in medical settings including emergency rooms, during surgery, when treating sick people. Much like washing your hands, masks are a common sense, good hygiene protocol in medical settings.  

McCormick on Women’s Rights Over Their Own Bodies. We know from his website that McCormick wants to “protect the unborn” which means he is a forced-birther who believes that there are no circumstances in a female’s life where she should be allowed to legally make a personal, private, medical decision to terminate a pregnancy. It doesn’t matter how old she is, how she became pregnant, if her fetus is viable or not, if her own physical or mental health is at risk, even if her own life is at risk. McCormick believes in “The Land of the Free” the US Government should force American women to carry all pregnancies to term against their will, carry unviable pregnancies against their will, become mothers against their will. And if not, be doomed to face decades in prison for having an abortion or even a miscarriage, which Republicans want to be investigated for possible “murder”. That is the sober reality of what “protecting the unborn” actually means.

McCormick on Birth Control. Honestly, we don’t know where he stands on the fundamental freedom of all Americans, men and women alike, to have legal access to all forms of birth control. This is part of a pattern of “McCormick the candidate” being vague on some issues to attempt to try to camouflage his off-putting extremism. On June 21, 2022, the US House held a vote called The Right to Contraception Act and a shocking number of 195 Republicans voted against the right to keep birth control legal in the United States of America. I strongly suspect that if McCormick was in Congress he would have joined his draconian Republican colleagues and voted to make birth control illegal in the USA.  

Trying to Predict How Extreme McCormick Would Be. There is a very high probability that if elected to US Congress, McCormick would vote 95-99% of the time with the majority of Republicans, so how the Republicans have been voting provides a good roadmap of the extremism of how he would most likely vote. So let’s remind ourselves how Republicans in Congress, particularly Georgia Republicans in Congress, including Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14) and Rep Andrew Clyde (GA-09) voted on recent issues that came before Congress.      

The graphics below are an accounting of actual Republican votes in the US House of Representatives in 2022. These votes are public record and so they are proven facts of how extremist Republicans voted on these issues. 


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