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US Congress Georgia’s 6th District

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Small business owner. US Army Veteran. Man of Integrity and Decency. Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Bob Christian, the Democrat running to hold onto Democratic Rep. Lucy McBath’s former congressional seat by defeating extremist Republican, Dr. Rich McCormick this November 8th.

My values are those of many people of this district: duty, honor, respect, service, integrity, hard work, fairness, compassion, and honesty combined with good old-fashioned manners, Southern hospitality, and a heaping dose of common sense. I have an unwavering love of the United States of America and our Constitution. When I joined the US Army in 1992, I swore a solemn oath to “Protect and Defend” our Constitution and I still live by and honor that sacred oath every day.

I believe in bringing people together to find common ground to solve problems rather than dividing people based on geography, party affiliation, or dangerous conspiracy theories online. I’m working to bring Democrats, Independents, and fair-minded Republicans together because I know that as Americans, we’re all better off when we work together to address difficult issues in a constructive manner rather than pitting neighbors, family, and friends against one another. 

I know full well that cynical Republicans in the Georgia State House deliberately gerrymandered this district, making it “redder” and opening the door for a possible “Republican pick-up” this election cycle. But I also know that when I’m out talking to people across this district, they are truly scared of the Republican extremism that McCormick represents, particularly women, parents of teenage girls, and the parents, friends and allies of our LGTBQ+ community.

I am ready to serve you in Congress to protect everyone’s rights and represent all people of Georgia’s 6th with decency, dignity, moderation, and common sense. Thank you for joining me in this fight for all of us in Georgia’s 6th.  


U.S. Army Veteran

I began my career serving ten years in the US Army including a combat tour in Iraq with the Brigade Reconnaissance Troop (BRT), Bravo Troop, 9th Cavalry as the Communications NCO. My unit patrolled the “Triangle of Death” and hunted down terrorists such as Chemical Ali.

I’m proud of my military service and the military service of my father, which makes Veterans, Military, and Military Family issues very personal for me. When I serve in Congress, unlike far too many Republicans who give veterans empty lip service and then vote against The PACT Act, I will honor our nation’s solemn oath to all US Military members, past, present, and future, to put their needs first and foremost. 


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