In the face of egregious gerrymandering, millions of PAC dollars, and some of the most powerful special interest groups, Bob isn’t backing down. Join our fight to represent the people of Georgia’s 6th District.


Bob’s Story

As a small-business owner, proud father to two daughters, and combat veteran, Bob knows how to stand up for what matters. That’s why he’s running against the special interest groups who think they can buy this election.

Bob Christian Protecting Family Farms


Bob On The Issues

Ever wonder why nothing gets done in Congress? It’s because those in power don’t have any skin in the game. Bob understands the struggles of this district because he’s had to live them himself. That’s why his platform is razor-focused on real, immediate solutions that can be passed on now with bipartisan support.

Bob Christian vs Dr. Rich McCormick

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Welcome To The New 6th District

Did you know that in 2022 Georgia State Republicans redrew all our Congressional maps?

Check out the map below and the gerrymandered patchwork of metro-Atlanta counties that now comprise the new 6th Congressional District. Let’s unite, mobilize and win on November 8th. 


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